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Does the DU support Israel blindly? As if Israel can do no wrong?


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TimesArrow was banned from the Democratic Underground DU for saying:
"Rubberman, (Lieberman), didn't win a debate against the Chimp's Chimp.
He is high in the poll numbers because the Jewish lobby in Washington and the Jewish media are supporting him." (Posted about May 2003.)

TimesArrow never had an argument with any poster. Never used any bad language.
TimesArrow had never been warned.
TimesArrow had over 4129 posts and donated to the Democratic Underground DU.

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This is all coming from TimesArrow a person with a Jewish nose. A person who grew up in Chicago with nice Jewish people. My best friends are Jewish.

Growing up in Chicago, I had so many friends whom I never even knew were Jewish until I had met their mothers. The Jewish people I knew were friendly, kind, considerate, partiers, understanding, intelligent, good sense of humor...

I don't believe one person I grew up with would ever condone discrimination based on race, religion or monetary wealth.

And none would condone kicking anyone or me off of a forum for factual comments about Rubberman, (Lieberman).

So clean up your act because the DU is still the best place around!

(Oh, those were the days at YMCA summer camp! I still love you Stacy!)

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